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    April 20, 2013
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f0 this is kpix 5 news.
waiting for answers. how investigators will proceed with questioning the boston bombing suspect and what he may have done to avoid capture besides hide. gunfire at a 4/20 pot celebration. how the crowd reacted and how the city responded. and fewer police on the streets. the changes coming this weekend that has one bay area city uneasy. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. it was the photo that helped end a violent week in boston. an infrared picture of 19-year- old dzhokhar tsarnaev hiding in a boat in a suburban backyard. police moved in and got the badly wounded and bloodied tsarnaev out of the boat. his arrest ended a week of explosions, carjackings and shoot-outs that killed five people, including his brother and a police officer. cbs recorder adriana is in boston with the latest. >> reporter: ann, the suspect is still unable to speak, in
part due to a gunshot wound to the back of his neck. investigators believe that may have been the result of a suicide attempt. police are standing guard outside of the boston hospital where the surviving suspect in the marathon bombings is being treated. a special interrogation team used on high value targets is there waiting to question him. >> we have a million questions and those questions need to be answered. >> reporter: police captured tsarnaev friday night after nearly a day-long search. images from heat-sensing technology showed he was hiding in a boat in a backyard the watertown. after a shoot-out with police, tsarnaev climbed out. investigators say he had bullet wounds to his leg and neck and may have tried to kill himself. his older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, the second suspect, died early friday after a
firefight with police. the russian government had flagged him as a follower of islam. their uncle says tamerlan had changed other the years. >> seeing no purpose in life but to pursue the path of god. >> reporter: the people here in massachusetts has been rallying around the victims all week. well-wishers have come to this memorial in downtown boston to live mementos. chris kennedy said the tragedy bonded the community. >> we'll just appreciate our fellow citizens more. >> reporter: many here say they're glad this week is over so life can get back to normal. cbs news has learned that one of the theories investigators are considering is that the brothers knew they were running out of time. they had explosives with them when they were driving on thursday and they may have been looking for one last target. >> all right. thank you. several vigils held tonight for the victims of the four-day
siege, this one in wilmington was for m.i.t. campus officer sean collier. the 26-year-old had been on the job only a year when he was shot to death, presumably by one of the two bombers. there were similar gathers in downtown boston and in watertown, which was at the center of the search and shoot- out. the motive may never matter to those who lost loved ones in the attack. lillian's granddaughter, krystal campbell, was one of the victims. lillian says the nightmare will never be over. >> a grandmother is not supposed to bury their young children. >> krystal campbell's family says she worked long hours as a restaurant manager. they say the 29-year-old often went to watch the runners cross the finish line and was standing with her friends when the blast occurred. the city began its healing today with baseball. the boston red sox played the
game postponed by last night's manhunt. the players wore special uniforms for the occasion. >> this jersey that we wear today, it doesn't say red sox. it says boston! >> cbs reporter elaine, on the emotional game that was about more than baseball. >> reporter: the pregame ceremony was moving. public announcer henry set the tone. >> we are boston. we are strong. we are boston strong! >> reporter: there was a moment of silence for the injured and those still hospitalized. and then cheers as the boston marathon volunteers marched onto the field. four people were honored, saying they represented the spirit, toughness and resilience of boston. local cops and federal officials also took the field to be honored.
and then the national anthem. in what has become a new boston tradition, the anthem was sung by the crowd. ♪ ♪ oh say does that star- spangled banner yet wave ♪ over the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> reporter: neil diamond performed the team's signature song, sweet caroline, in the eighth inning. >> and you can check out more images from the week and follow developments in the boston marathon bombings at well, a frightening scene at another large gathering, this one in denver. some 80, -- 80,000 people were attending the marijuana celebration. a gunman fired into the crowds.
the gunman got away. also in colorado, five snowboarders have been killed in an avalanche. it was about 60 miles west of denver. the area was blanketed in snow from a late spring storm and several ski resorts reopened just to take advantage of the fresh snow. all of the snowboarders were wearing avalanche beacons. a sixth snowboarder was able to dig himself free. a -- >> reporter: it's all about costs. there are two sets of cost involved. the overtime costs to have deputies patrol oakland and the cost of the aftermath of deputies' confrontations with suspects. the sheriff says he doesn't want to have to pay for that, and neither does oakland. the patrols have come to an abrupt end.
bad news for these residents. >> i think they are so needed. that's the worst mistake that could possibly ever be made is to have somebody not patrolling. >> there's too much crime here. it's scary to come out here. >> reporter: the shooting that wounded an alameda deputy sheriff here near the bart station three weeks ago may have killed oakland's contract with the sheriff's office for extra patrols. the reason? the extra cost of policing in oakland's rough and tumble crime areas. >> i was one deputy injured. he's going to be off a significant amount of time. we have several cars that have been involved in collisions. those go down. there's a cost value there. so all the things add up. and it actually adds up to more than what oakland paid for us to be there. >> reporter: eleven teams of deputies have been working two days a week. >> the reality is that oakland has a crime issue.
and the role of government, the primary reason, is to protect its people, whether it's the county or city. >> reporter: but can budget- lean oakland pick up the cost? >> we need to continue to talk with each other and work with each other and let the bureaucracy from the political agenda go by the wayside and most of all, protect our people. >> sounds like you think you're going to salvage this deal with the sheriff's office. >> we have no choice. >> reporter: he says the sheriff's deputies and extra patrols from the chp have made a difference. >> the sheriff needs to understand it's his job to protect the people of oakland as well. >> reporter: in about 50 minutes, those patrols will end. the money runs out. >> the city councilman sounds like that they can't take no more an answer. what recourse do they have, though? >> reporter: doesn't look like they have much. remember, this week, mayor quan said she had a tight bucket. they are looking to raise the number of officers up to 700. it looked like their stretched
pretty soon. where will they get the money for this? who knows? preparing for the next big emergency takes on new importance. first responders practice dealing with mass casualties. how this weekend's drill was impacted by events the boston and texas. baseball... leave the eagle at home. stop protecting yourself onto your kids. >> gunfire at a little league game threatens to ruin baseball. how parents manage to salvage the season. back to the 80's. and i'm not talking about bon jovi. more towns will join you as we warm up. we also have a big cool-down. the timing on that has changed. your forecast, coming up. ,,,,,,
we are all reflections of the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you
keep good going. emergency response drill toy took on special importance.. (3 sec given what we've seen this week, san francisco's emergency response drill took on special importance. >> what are we doing? >> the department's neighborhood emergency response team created stage disaster
zones in different neighborhoods. hundreds of participants received hands-on training on how to respond to a large-scale disaster. after monday's bombings, an additional 50 people signed up. some bay area lawmakers still reeling from the failure of congress to toughen gun laws. at a town hall meeting, they promised not to back down. they say it will be a tough battle with strong opinions on all sides. >> we've met with people who believe, like the one member, that there shouldn't be any guns. and we've met with the nra leadership. and everybody in between. >> compromise legislation that would have required background checks for buying guns at gun shows and online failed in the senate. well, gun violence is blamed for almost bringing down a baseball season. games for the north vallejo little league season were
suspended after shots were fired at a little league game wednesday night. patrick says kids got some good news this morning, though. >> we want these kids to have positive memories! >> reporter: this weekend, little league parents and players outraged over adults behaving badly. a fight that started between two men wednesday watching a game at this little league park in vallejo put the games on hold after someone pulled a gun. >> it was a fight that escalated into gunfire. >> reporter: the shot took place a half a block away from the field. no one was hurt. but at least 100 parents, coaches and kids came together today to make it clear violence isn't welcome here. >> leave the eagle at home! stop protecting yourself onto your kids. i know it's hard to do. >> reporter: the league is enforcing zero tolerance, taunting, profanity, among other things, are not allowed. if it happens, the person or persons in the stance will be
removed. they promise. >> just commonsense rules that are probably everywhere. we have to make sure they remain posted and that we enforce them vigorously. >> we just ask parents to realize these are just kids. the majority of the kids do know that. a lot of the things we're seeing is just people bringing their personal problems to the field. thank goodness we had a good turnout today. >> reporter: they intend to be back on if -- on the field monday and plan to go back to the city council meeting and ask for more of a police presence tuesday night. in vallejo, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> some 200 kids are involved in the north vallejo little league, which will mark its 50th year next year. well, developing news out of southern california where a brushfire has grown and forced more evacuations in monrovia, east of los angeles. right now, 200 homes have been evacuated and 175 acres have burned. no homes are threatened at the moment. but the fire is still only 10%
contained. full containment is not expected until tomorrow. meteorologist paul deanno joining us tonight. and he brought back the 80's apparently. >> i've been told now by two source, twitter and from our others i should have used van halen or metallica. bon jovi, in third place. maybe the 90's. you don't have to pick your favorite 90's one. but we are warming up. it started today, it's going to last all the way through monday and tuesday. we have ourselves a few stragglers making it to the city a little later. temperatures in the city are comfortably chilly. santa rosa has now dropped to 52. concord, livermore, still at 60. san jose, currently 57. what a fantastic day it was today with widespread highs in the 70's and a few low 80's. tomorrow morning we'll start off very close to 50 degrees. fremont, 47. in the city, we'll drop down to
50 in fairfield. napa also in the upper 40's. more sunshine tomorrow. taking you down to san leandro. sunshine, 76. that's a five-degree improvement on today. we will add five degrees more on monday. sunny and warm with a high of 81 degrees. you'll likely be in the 80's both monday and tuesday. it's all about high pressure, which is often the case this time of year. but it's not just that we have high pressure keeping us dry. it's where the center of high pressure is located. that determines our winds. as you know, that determines if we're going to have the onshore flow or not. there can be a big swing simply by changing the wind direction. tomorrow, high pressure getting closer, but it's not in a perfect place yet to give us the offshore wind. so a light westerly component to the wind will keep you on the coastline and also you close to the bay a little lower than everyone else, because you're still getting that ocean
influence. that changes on monday. we'll have the east wind, the offshore wind. monday and tuesday, temperatures go up. near 90's inland. 80's certainly possible in san francisco and oakland. and even along the coastline, we'll have widespread temperatures in the 70's, because the wind direction is changing. it changes back by wednesday and temperatures are going to drop quickly back to the 50's and 60's along the coast and 70's inland. but tomorrow is going to be a warm one, 15 degrees above average. san jose, 85. morgan hill, 87. not summer yet. this is april. palo alto, 83. redwood city, 82. walnut creek, 86. vallejo, you'll hit 82 tomorrow. san ramon, 84. marin county, right around 80. valley, 81. downtown san francisco, sunny tomorrow and a high of 70 degrees. it will be warmer on monday and tuesday. those are your two warmest days before things change on wednesday. i think we'll be in the 70's inland on wednesday and cooling
down more after that. warmth for the next three. then we get back to normal beyond that. all right. vern is here. you're talking warriors. >> absolutely. don't you wish we could do do- overs? like we didn't mean to turn it over. let's just do it again. yeah, but you can't do that. ahead, what's the warriors situation now? game 1 wrapped up, with a rivetting postgame, i'm told. what happened in denver? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
nuggets... 1-1... thats the record the warriors want wh acle for nba play-offs and the
warriors-nuggets. 1-and-1. that's the record that the warriors want when they come back to oracle. but let's don't get ahead. here's to how the game went down. stephen curry, his shooting didn't arrive for almost a half. david lee's slam off of curry. curry missed his first nine shots. curry finally made his first field go. dunk of the game, javale mcgee, over andrew bogut. wanna see it again? we got it. nuggets dominated the third. corey brewer, a 14-3 run. denver up 7 in the fourth. jarrett jack to bogut. nine points, 11 boards for bogut. but andre miller, 37 years young, and what a game! career play-off high, 28 points! the warriors were within one with the ball and 40 seconds left. but the turnover ferry struck!
ty lawson, the other way and the bucket. warriors down three. time for a miracle. 20 seconds left. and it came from curry. he barrys a three from the corner to tie the game. curry had 19 points. but the nuggets would get the final shot. guess who? yeah. andre miller. takes greene to the rack. 18 of his 28 points scored in the last period. warriors ran out of time and out of luck. 97-95, nuggets. >> i never hit a game-winning shot, so -- >> never? >> never. well, that was big for a first play-off game. >> he got maybe a half a step on me. that's really all he needed to get the finish. and i thought i got the block but he switched hands.
you definitely don't want to let a guy in the game on you, especially in the play-offs. >> that bad shooting, i'm not going to attribute that to play- off jitters. >> i come offstage and try to be right there and get the ball. that took a lot out of me. >> we're not into moral victories. in a simple phrase, we played good enough to lose. x-rays negative here. he'll have an mri tomorrow. we'll know more about his status for game two on tuesday. around the association, ricky at the garden. celtics-knicks. celtics had as many turnovers as points. carmelo anthony, 36 points.
85-78. jay-z in brooklyn for their first ever play-off game. 106-89 in favor of the nets. oh, billy crystal, biggest l.a. clippers fan. and the clips beat the grizzlies in game 1, 112-91. ahead, san francisco public high school football titles go through lincoln high school. and did you see tonight's performance by tim lincecum coming? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
to see this one...tim lincem working with buster posey... working over the padres,... even joe montana had to see this one. tim lincecum working with buster posey and working over the padres. the two together for the first time since august. over six shutout innings. eight strikeouts for lincecum. he left to a standing ovation. two-run homer in the fourth. the giants shut out the padres 2-0. let's get you over to the a's. josh reddick with a manicured beard now. escobar doubled off norris.
oakland lost a second straight in tampa. 1-0, the final. lincoln making on michigan for the girls' city and state football title. the only organized flag football. that's the excuse me, i have to score now. lincoln wins its first ever championship, 44-0. after all the love i've given the mustangs, i'm demanding an autographed jersey! >> i'm so proud of our team. i mean, it's not a one man thing. it takes a whole team to get this far. i'm really proud and excited for the celebration we're about to have after. >> celebration it was, as they mobbed the trophy and were just all happy. it was nice to see! >> and it was their first season. >> first season, first time that they've had organized flag
football at the high school level and they only have it right here in san francisco! and that is why they are recognized by the cif. take that, socal? how ya like it? we'll be right back. ed guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park.
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th site of the it's the perfect setting for the next generation of innovators. silicon valley was the site of
the 26th annual tech challenge. 3,000 participated in the program aimed at reinforcing science and engineering with hands-on projects. this year's theme? asteroids and space masks. and church bells gave way to bicycle bells in new york today. it was the annual blessing of the bikes at st. john the divine. for 15 years, the church has bestowed blessings and safety on riders. they sprinkled holy water on the bikes to protect them from the mean streets of manhattan. >> they need it. >> they do. we'll see you tomorrow night! good night! ,, ,,,,,,,,
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